Data manipulation - File tweaking, extracting, counting, summing, etc.

This text tweak example shows you how to use the remove option to remove either characters or entire lines from your file. In this example, we want to remove all rows that have the word "Trim" in positions 3 through 6, but I only want to remove the duplicate lines if Trim is found in this position. You can use the byte position finder on the software to confirm what position the string is in. In this option, I want the entire row removed if Trim is found within this position, but I selected the option to remove duplicates. This means that only the later lines will be removed, the first occurance will be kept as we only want duplicates eliminated.

Here are the sample results that will open in notepad. Text Tweak always opens up the results in a notepad text file, so you may copy and paste elsewhere or work with the results in any other application. The lines that had "Trim" located between position 3 and 6 that you entered have now been removed if there were duplicates after it. The first occurance remains in the file result.

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