Text Tweak Examples - Data manipulation, tweaking, extracting, counting, summing, etc.

Text Tweak is software which can save you time and get you out of a jam. This software will allow you to paste in any text, which will then allow you to manipulate data, extract data, insert or add data, remove and delete strings, or tweak the results in many different ways, even if the data is not positional or if you thought there was no way to extract or alter your data. It will always open the results in notepad as standard text, so you can easily copy and paste the results into any other application for further work, or even paste the results back into Text Tweak for further manipulation. It even has additional features like the ability to sum up values that are pasted into it, including summing up whole numbers and fractional (decimal) numbers individually, and even features to change all text to uppercase or lowercase. It can even trim data to make files smaller, by trimming all spaces on the right, left, or both. Another very handy feature for those that work with text data often, is a byte position counter. Simply paste in any text and view the exact byte position of any character or string in the file without having to count it up yourself.
New features are always being added, but these features are not easy to explain. The best way is too simply show you some examples. (Text Tweak shareware can be downloaded here). View the screenshots below to see some simple examples of the text data manipulation.

How to count total number of words in a file
How to count total number of strings or characters you choose
How to extract data strings out of a file - sample 1
How to extract entire lines out of a file based on strings you choose
How to extract data strings out of a file - sample 2
How to sum up numbers. Sum up fracs only. Sum up whole numbers only.
How to use template builder - Build repeated text automatically with inserted file values
How to use character position finder to identify the byte position of any string in the file
How to use right trim to eliminate wasted space at the end of each line
How to use the remove option to elminate rows when strings appear in specific positions
How to use remove option to delete duplicate rows in your file
How to use remove option to delete rows whenever a specific string exists
How to match and merge 2 files of text data together

Note: There are of course more options, but this hopefully helps explain how to use some of the features of this software. The best thing to do is simply experiment with the options, as you can also take results and paste them back into the software to further narrow down your end result.

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