Setting up router password using WEP, WPA or WPA2 security.

Setup Wireless Password. WEP, WPA, and WPA2 Instructions

Simple steps to setup WPA or WEP password on your Linksys router, Netgear router, Belkin router, etc.

There are many different routers, but Netgear and Linksys are the most popular. Although Netgear and Linksys are popular, the settings are similiar in all of them. I'll keep these router password instructions short and to the point, here are the basics and anyone can easily do this. If you are still confused you can post a question at the bottom of this page and I will try to respond.

How to setup router password settings

These are the basic steps simplified.

  • First off, have your router manual as you need the password to sign on to it.
  • Connect your router to your computer with the wire plugin (or use wireless access which is fine).
  • Open browser and go to router link which is normally a setup of number you type as shown: (The manual will tell you the link to router), it will be something like for Zoom routers or for Linksys routers, etc. This opens up your router settings, but you will need the password to get in of course. NEVER leave your router password as the default name and password as people try to guess this hoping you did so. Change your password in your settings once in your router and never forget your password!
  • Next, your DSL or cable company will tell you some information like user and password, or vci and vpi. You need to enter this in your router / modem AFTER you log on to it, this is the information that you got from your ISP, not in your manual. The password will be the network password they give you once logged into the router. Dont be confused by all this, normally its all in an email confirmation they send you and is usually just a one time entry for initial setup. Go into your wireless setup in your router and simply enter these in the boxes. This is usually a one time setup to get connected with your ISP, completely separate from getting into your router.
  • Note that I like to just plug the wire in for my main computer, you can connect your computer via wire to router also, I like that especially for just testing it out, but you dont have to use that method.
  • Next, you have options in your router for WEP, WPA, or WPA2. Choose WPA2, dont choose the others. Enter a password there also, this will be the password you type in from any computer or iphone etc to access your router. Make it contain numbers and letters and make it 12 or 16 characters! Dont make it easy!
  • Now to connect with wireless, its easy. For example use your ipad or iphone and try to choose your name under "wifi" connections or networks. It will ask for a password, type in that one just just entered.
  • You can also choose to "not" publish the SSID in your router settings. This means your router name won't show when trying to find connections and you have to type the name in, its better security. I would recommend choosing the option to not publish the SSID. This simply means that if you call your router "Joes Internet" for the SSID then anyone that tries to check for wifi will see "Joes Internet". Now granted they wont be able to connect because it will ask them to enter a password and they dont know yours.
  • Again .... Change the default router password as it usually defaults to some type of admin password. Never leave your default password for your router unchanged and put in something that only you know. You can write this router password on paper and put it in a closet somewhere in case you ever forget in the future and need to access your router again, as once setup people normally dont access it again for years. Read the password tips here. At this point your are now done.

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