Data manipulation - File tweaking, extracting, counting, summing, etc.

This text tweak example shows you how to use the template builder, to build large numbers of repeated text scenarios. This is handy in many business situations. In this example we will build a large number or scripts based on a file input. This can be an incredible time saver in emergency situations. In this example we will use the word KEY as our value to replace, and paste our file data in the box at the right. I typed in a script on the left, which our work KEY being used, as the data in the right boxes will replace that word. Here you can see I built a large number of SQL insert statements (you can use this for alot of things, but in this case I simply wanted to build a large number of SQL scripts automatically while inserting values from the right box into each generated SQL script).

Here are the sample results that will open in notepad. Text Tweak always opens up the results in a notepad text file, so you may copy and paste elsewhere or work with the results in any other application.

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