Data manipulation - File tweaking, extracting, counting, summing, etc.

This text tweak example shows you how you can easily sum up a bunch of numbers just by pasting into the program. No calculator needed. Note that it doesn't even have to be lined up, the program will correct it. It will also show you the sum of the whole numbers or frac (decimal) numbers only, as sometimes business research may want to know the exact frac sum and the exact whole number sum separately. Note that the pasted data does not need to be lined up any way, and can have spaces before or after, and the software will still calculate it. If you had garbage data pasted in (like a letter), then it will also tell you that invalid values were found. It will also bypass any blank lines, so you really have no need to edit or left justify any of your pasted text. The invalid values should alway show as 0, unless you had some garbage data on 1 or more of your pasted data text. If you had 400,000 lines to paste into the software, this would clearly save you a ton of time.

  • Note that it does NOT need to be lined up when pasted into the program, it automatically calculates values regardless!

  • Note that $ or commas may be included or excluded, it will still calculate it!

  • Note that it always tells you how many invalid values were found, this should always be 0! (i.e. bad characters)

  • Note that it shows you total frac values summed!

  • Note that it shows you total whole values summed!

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