Data manipulation - Example 1

This shows some small sample text we will use as input. You can click the "paste" button to simply paste any text into the Text Tweak software program. You can also click the file button and choose a text file, but most prefer to simply cut and paste the data into the software.

Sample data used as input:

This text tweak example shows you how to extract entire lines out of a file if a specific character or word is found on that line. You can easily extract out lines of data based upon your entry. For example, if I want to extract all the lines that have Tuesday in it, I can do it as shown. Note that I only entered part of the word Tuesday, this is because I want to get all lines where it may or may not be capitalized. This is case sensitive, so if you had 5000 lines of input you obviously wouldn't know whether every single Tuesday word was capitalized or not, so leaving the T off the word would still allow me to extract every line I'm looking for.

Here are the sample results that will open in notepad. Text Tweak always opens up the results in a notepad text file, so you may copy and paste elsewhere or work with the results in any other application.

More data or file tweaking examples
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