Fake Money Order Scam - Make sure you dont become a scam victim!

Dont be a scam victim!

Scam #1 - "Fake Money Order Scam" or "Fake Check Scam"

People send you a money order or check to cash for them. Seems harmless right? Be on high alert if this is you, and if they are asking to wire money in any way, then read no further as you are surely being scammed.

They could be sending you this for ANY reason, the reason doesn't matter. They can be responding to an add on craigslist, buying anything from you, or maybe even sending you rent money for the first month, etc. Often they act like they are out of the country or in a remote location, and simply send you a money order or check. They may even act like they are your friend and want you to cash their money order and simply wire the rest of money back to them. The bottom line is, no matter what the reason, they want you to cash it. You think there is no harm because its just a money order or check, and it's not like you are spending your money, right? Wrong. Sometimes they accidently "overpay", for example the rent was $700 and they sent $950, and simply want you to wire them the amount they "accidently" overpaid. What happens is the money order or check is fake in ALL these situations, and you cash it and wire them the money thinking no harm done since the bank took it. The bank doesn't know if its fake right away, so a week later they find out and now demand the money from YOU, because now you are LIABLE for it since you gave them and fake check or fake money order. Make no mistake, you are liable for this money and they will come after you to get it back. Since you wired the money away, you now lose. The person you wired the money to is long gone and now you OWE the money to the bank. The bottom line is ... don't wire money to anyone, and don't cash money orders or checks for anyone. Be aware, as you are responsible for fake checks and fake money orders!

The bottom line is simple. You can avoid almost all these types of scams by using common sense. If you think you may be getting scammed, you probably are.
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Just follow 4 simple rules and you can avoid most scam attempts online:

  • If you get a check or money order over the internet, always confirm 4 to 5 days later by calling your bank to confirm any check or money order has "cleared" before sending any product. The bank will always tell you if it has cleared, wait for that.
  • Never wire money over the internet to someone ever. It doesn't matter what their excuse is, dont do it.
  • Don't open email attachments. This is how they spread viruses. Its easily faked, and easily can have embedded malware and viruses.
  • Never click website links in email. EVER. Use your bookmarks to go to bank websites, etc. (Email links are easily faked, so make it a rule!)

    If you need my help, you can also post a detailed explanation with the scam information here before you do anything. I review these posts often and will give you my opinion on your situation. Just make sure your post includes all details.

  • Please feel free to link directly to this webpage, as spreading this information will help all people avoid becoming a scam victim.