Bank Phishing Scam - Make sure you dont become a scam victim!

Dont be a scam victim!

Scam #6 - "Bank Phishing Scam"

Everyone should know this by now. This is when you get the email from your bank, brokerage, credit card, or any other account that looks 100% legitimate. They are telling you (and always making it look urgent) that you must confirm your password, signon to your account, or your account will be CLOSED. There can be many variations of this, the bottom line is they want you to click a link in an email and signon to your account, because there is some problem with your account. They are trying to get you to panic. Don't fall for it, the link in the email will not take you to your bank but instead take you to a fake site that looks exactly like your bank website. They then capture your password or social security number or any other information they ask you to enter. NO BANK or any other type of business will ever send you these types of "must signon" emails. If you are concerned in any way, simply open your browser and go to you website bookmark instead, just never click the email link. Following the simple rule of "NEVER CLICK AN EMAIL LINK" in any email like this would save people from these phishing attempts. The rule is simple, so follow that rule. You can always signon to your bank website by going to your bookmarks instead, which is how you should always access online password related sites. If you are really concerned just pick up the phone and call your bank, and they will tell you the same thing I told you here, that its a scam and don't click the link in the email.

The bottom line is simple. You can avoid almost all these types of scams by using common sense. If you think you may be getting scammed, you probably are.
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Just follow 4 simple rules and you can avoid most scam attempts online:

  • If you get a check or money order over the internet, always confirm 4 to 5 days later by calling your bank to confirm any check or money order has "cleared" before sending any product. The bank will always tell you if it has cleared, wait for that.
  • Never wire money over the internet to someone ever. It doesn't matter what their excuse is, dont do it.
  • Don't open email attachments. This is how they spread viruses. Its easily faked, and easily can have embedded malware and viruses.
  • Never click website links in email. EVER. Use your bookmarks to go to bank websites, etc. (Email links are easily faked, so make it a rule!)

    If you need my help, you can also post a detailed explanation with the scam information here before you do anything. I review these posts often and will give you my opinion on your situation. Just make sure your post includes all details.

  • Please feel free to link directly to this webpage, as spreading this information will help all people avoid becoming a scam victim.