Free hard drive wiping software download
Wipes free space and makes any previously deleted files unrecoverable

No File Recovery is a free software program which wipes empty hard drive space and helps secure your PC so that previously deleted data cannot be recovered again at a later time using undelete software. What this means is that even when you delete data on your hard drive, there are software programs that are "undelete software" which allows people to recover or "undelete" files or documents that were previously deleted in the past. Over time, it becomes harder and harder to recover deleted data the longer you use your computer, as eventually your computer begins shuffling data around and reusing open space on the hard drive. This software is free, and simply overlays the open hard drive space with random numbers so that previously deleted data becomes recoverable. It does not delete any existing data, just works on the empty space on the disk where your old deleted files still may remain.

Here are the questions most people have asked me:

Why do I get free space warnings that say the hard drive is filling up?
Thats fine, since this is overlaying alot of open space, Windows will send that warning. It's not an issue as the software will cleanup when done and all your open space will be returned as normal. If you click the stop button it will also do the same thing.

Is this software free?
Yes, I wrote it for my own use. This is free. There are also other software programs I do sell so hopefully you at least look at the other software programs too. There are also iphone apps here.

It runs fine on my C drive, but not on a network drive. Why?
This is because if you run it elsewhere you may not have access to the drive. Right click the program and choose "Run as admin" and it will work fine. When you run as admin, assuming you have acccess, it should run fine on any drive.

I have a question, how can I ask?
You can ask any questions on the tech messageboard as many others have done and I will try to get to them there. Even if its not related to this software, I still try to answer questions there on other tech related things.

What is disk defrag? Why should I run it when done?
Disk Defrag is on all Windows computers already. It will be on your menu. This is a Windows utility software that helps rearrange your hard drive data to be more efficient. I would recommend everyone run that once a month just to help your computer performance, especially after alot of hard drive activity. Most ignore this maintenance step and it's a mistake. Just by the nature of what that utility does, that also helps make data unrecoverable, so it has multiple benefits.

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