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  Asked by Anonymous - Underscore Sign :
Where on my keyboard is the underscore sign?  Seems like a silly question but I cant find it or get it to actually work!

Anonymous Says:
heh mate, look in the upper right on the keyboard.  Its normally next to the 0 key, between the 0 key and tab key you will see the underscore sign and also see the minus sign.  The underscore sign will look like this _

You must hold down the shift key when you press it, thats probably what you are doing wrong.  Hold down shift and press underscore key to get that to show, otherwise just pressing it will get the - minus key to show :0

Anonymous Says:
Underscore symbol looks like what you see typed in email addresses for example Joe_Dirt@yahoo.com has 1 underscore symbol

Anonymous Says:
awesome thxs

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