What is Trojan:HTML/FakeAlert.AA ?


  Asked by Anonymous - What is Trojan:HTML/FakeAlert.AA ?:
I am using windows defender and I did a full scan.

I got a message taht said severe Trojan:HTML/FakeAlert.AA was found and I chose to remove it of course.  I'm wondering what was the Trojan:HTML/FakeAlert.AA doing?

Anonymous Says:
There are many different variations of Trojan:HTML/FakeAlert.AA and they have different digits at the end.  I think every internet user has had or seen this sooner or later, as this is the fake "security scan" that pops open where you cant remove the page and you have to ctrl alt delete and kill the browser task.  This is the different types you see where they want you to purchase their fake security software or that type of stuff.

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