DJI Drone Key Controls


  Asked by Anonymous - DJI Drone Key Controls:
Here are the key main drone controls you need to know.  You dont really need to know much else for just the average flying.

Turn drone on or off:  
Press button on back of drone, press a 2nd time and hold until you hear it beep.  To turn it off, do the same thing, 2 presses.  Make sure you have removed the gimball clamp so the camera can freely rotate.  

Turn the remote on or off:
Turn drone on first, then button in upper right.  Press once and quickly press a 2nd time and hold.  The screen will say connecting.... and it will beep.  Then wait for it to say GPS mode.

To start drone props spinning:
Hold both joy sticks down and in towards you at 45 degree angle, the props will start spinning, then let go.

To raise and lower the drone:
Left joystick - Up to raise, down to lower.

To look left or right:
Left joystick - push right to spin drone angle to right, left to have drone position facing left.

To drive drone forward or move drone backwards:
Right joystick - Push up to fly forward, push down to fly backwards, push right to fly drone sideways to right while still facing forward, push joystick left to fly drone sideways to left while it still faces forward.  You can also do angles to move forward and sideways a bit at same time.  

To start recording video:
Top of controller - button on left top.

To take a picture:
Top of controller - button on right top.  Note that you cant take a picture while video is currently recording.

To rotate camera up or down:
Top of controller, rotating wheel, rotate it left or right and camera looks up or down as you rotate it.

Thats pretty much all the controls you need to do, as those are the key things that you need everytime you fly it.

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