Sony Handycam How to copy videos to Computer


  Asked by Anonymous - Sony Handycam How to copy videos to Computer:
I have an HD Handycam (SONY), but I cant figure out how to get the videos off it and copy them on to my windows computer.  Do I need to remove the memory card and put in computer to copy these?

Anonymous Says:
I do think you can do it that way but thats not how I do it, there is an easier way.  You should have got a chord with your Sony Video Cam (dont need to buy anything), it would be what most call a charge chord with the plug in on the end and USB connection on other end.  

1) Just pull the plug off the end, connect it to USB on computer.  
2) Then on your Sony video cam the handle part has that USB chord tucked into it, pull that out.
3) Plug that USB you untucked into end of chord.
4) Now just go to windows explorer and you can copy and paste your videos to the computer. Be sure to turn the video cam ON by opening the screen (which automatically turns on the video cam).  Then you will see the new drive appear on your explorer.  

Anonymous Says:
On windows explorer you go into the folder that says  "MP_Root" and then the internal folder is some name like 100ANV01 on mine anyways.  You will see the *.MP4 files in there.   Delete them once done, no reason to leave them behind on sony video cam once you have them copied.

Anonymous Says:
This is for Windows computers of course, I dont know on the Mac, probably similiar way if you need to copy to Mac as they would have USB connections similiarly.

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