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  Asked by Anonymous - Internet wont connect:
My internet wont connect on home computer, it seems to have started last night but this morning the service is still out.  is there anything I can try to get this working again?

Anonymous Says:
I usually wait 10 minutes when this happens, and it is usually only temporary, then its back online.  Also reboot your router/modem, turn if off for a few seconds and turn it back on, I've found that sometime the router gets messed up and turning it off and back on will reconnect.  If after that amount of time and rebooting attempt, if its still not connecting, then I would call your internet service provider and they will run a check to see if its an issue on their side (which it usually is at that point).

Anonymous Says:
Thanks, yeah the internet was connecting fine about 20 minutes later when I tried it again.  Must have been a temporary blip!

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