Mainframe sort S013 abend


  Asked by Anonymous - Mainframe sort S013 abend:
I'm currently doing a sort on mainframe (icetool) and its continually getting error S013.  There really isnt any other abend information other then that.  Any ideas what would cause this error?

Anonymous Says:
Also this is a new job I'm running, its not a change to anything existing but I'm certain this was running fine a week ago.

Anonymous Says:
Most likely:  With s013 you are probably missing something like pointing to the wrong library or one of your control members is missing / not found.  Double check all your PDS members and make sure you aren't pointing to the wrong place, thats where I have run into s013 recently

Anonymous Says:
That was it thanks!  Yes it ran fine a week ago but some members got moved around in the libraries and are no longer there! :)

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