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  Asked by Anonymous - Mainframe SAR step FLUSH:
HI, I'm running a mainframe JCL job and when I look at the output results in SAR logs the job is abending, but the JCL step I want to re-run says "flush" on it.  Shouldnt this show some type of return code instead?  I'm confused why it says flush on there.  Its a job I'm restarting but I'm not sure now if that step is actually even executing or not.

Anonymous Says:
You didnt say how many steps were in your JCL but I'm assuming many, and you are just trying to restart the job when you started to see the flush showing up correct?  

Anonymous Says:
Correct, the job has been restarted multiple times.

Anonymous Says:
Flush means that particular job step didnt actually even run.  You are probably restarting it to far down in the job, which means the earlier steps "flushed" because you arent actually running them.  In other words if you checked the return code on each job step which caused a step to not execute, thats another reason it would say flush.  You need to restart the job at the top and you will see it change.

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