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  Asked by Anonymous - Help - ASRA CICS mainframe crash :
I am getting an asra error (on mainframe cics) and its just crashing out of the blue, what would be the main reason why this would be happening? I'm stuck.  

Anonymous Says:
You didnt give any details on what you are doing in CICS so its hard to guess and give you a good answer.  ASRA's are not uncommon on mainframe, and it basically means your cics program did not handle a code scenario.  Most of the time I have run into this error over the years, its always been data related crash that caused the problem.  Look through your cics code and see if you have a situation where you moved some alpha data into numeric field.  Its most likely something like that.  Otherwise post back with more info on what you are doing.

Anonymous Says:
By the way this is similiar to the 0C7 error or S0C7 mainframe error you get in batch, its just that in cics its an ASRA.  Other usual errors are S0C4 and S0C1 type mainframe errors, but start with searching for a bad data move somewhere in your code.

Anonymous Says:
Thats exactly what it was.  Moving to numeric field, Thanks, it works now.

Anonymous Says:
What was the last code change you moved in and was the program changed recently?  Look for something changed that may involve any numeric field in working storage.  Usually an asra error occurs when recent changes were made and this was missed.

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