How To Copy Vcr Tape To Wmv On Computer


  Asked by Anonymous - How To Copy Vcr Tape To Wmv On Computer :
Is there an easy way to do this?  I have an old VHS tape that I want to save and convert as a WMV file on my computer.  I still have an old VCR player to play the tape, but I would like to convert this tape to digital on my PC before it ends up getting destroyed over time.  How do I convert this?

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One other thing, I'm fine if it converts to avi or mp4 file also.  It doesn't have to be a wmv file, as I can always convert the file later to wmv once its on my computer and off the vcr tape.

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There are a couple ways to do this.  The easiest way is to use your video camera as a middle man to copy from VCR to the video camera which is pretty easy to do.  I'm assuming of course you have a video cam, and all video cams today easily copy to computer just from USB or any other connection.  

I've done this with several old VHS tapes that I wanted to save also.  The way this works is you get a chord to connect your VCR player to your video cam (so you connect the VCR "out" to the video camera.  On my video cam I had several different types of connections, so I had the chord already to connect, but depending upon your video cam you may need to buy a chord to connect if you dont have the type already.  All you do is press play the VCR and you will see the video playing on your video cam, then just press record on the video cam and it starts recording.  Let the whole video play.  At that point its on your video cam and connect your cam to computer and copy it over.  Its very simple if you have the chord and connection.


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By the way if you dont have the chord, or dont have a video cam to use for this, I wouldnt spend a bunch of money just for a one time conversion unless you were planning on converting something like 20 vcr tapes or something big like that.  If its just one and you dont have this stuff, then I would just pay someone to convert it for you.  I think even walmart and target and places like that will convert it over for you.

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