Comodo Antivirus Cannot Install


  Asked by kena - Comodo Antivirus Cannot Install :
I'm trying to install comodo antivirus and I get a message during installation that another version of comodo ativirus is already on my computer and it won't let me install it before I instinctual the other version.  The problem is that my uninstaller does not show any other version as being on my machine,  so I cannot uninstall it. How am I going to get the program installed through this problem?  I am running with Vista Home Premium 32 bit operating system.

Anonymous Says:
I would go through your ctrl-alt-del tasklist of running programs, and see if you see anything comodo related that looks familiar and terminate the task.  Kind of like how you get the message sometimes that Firefox browser cannot open, and even though it shows no Firefox browser on taskbar, the task is somehow suspended in your tasklist and  you have to kill the task first.  Worth a try to check that anyways.

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