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  Asked by Anonymous - Blur Faces With Windows Movie Maker :
Can I use the windows movie maker software to blur out faces in a video?  I want to use windows movie maker since I'm familiar with it, I know there are other software programs but I'd rather just use movie maker if I can.

Anonymous Says:
There are some things you can do, but WMV lacks some of the features that makes this easy using other software.  You cant really blur a face but you can cover a face using WMV program, for example you can choose "add caption" after you have chosen a video, and do some things to make the box "black".  So it wont blur the video but it will blacken a box to put over the face in the video.  Put some letters in the caption and make it black and thick border.  If you make the font wingdings (or whatever that font is called, I forget without looking), you can make it a bigger square box that will be filled solid black, then move the caption (black box) over the face in the video.   So its not really blurring the face but it is putting a box over the face so you cant see who it is.  Keep in mind some software will blur and follow the face if moving, so you dont have those features, you have to put the black box over the face in the video and move the black box around some if the face is moving in the video.  You have to play around with it but it will work.

Anonymous Says:
I wish WMV would just add a blur option for videos, it doesnt have to be something fancy, just a blur spot on the video would be great.

Anonymous Says:
Make the text on the caption black, make the border thick (both in upper right on movie maker), put only a "g" in the text caption, or "ggg" several, then change font to webdings.  At that point play around with it and type more g's or change font size and you will have a black box.

Anonymous Says:
You may have to create several black boxes and move it around some if the face is moving around a bit on the video.  Its not blurring the face but the black box does at least allow you to cover someone's face on the video.

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