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  Asked by Anonymous - Not Getting My Email :
Would there be any reason why I would not be receiving any of my email?  I'm using yahoo email the way.  How frustrating that email doesnt seem to be working right.

Anonymous Says:
How do you know you arent getting your email? Do you mean you are just logging on and "zero" emails are always there?  

Check to see if everything is going to your spam folder, I've seen some email services make a mistake and all emails automatically started going into spam folder instead.

suzanne Says:
I had Brynn, a  tech from the South First Street Best Buy come to the house a couple of days ago which cost me approx. $50.  She is wonderful, polite, etc.  She is the one who set up my new HP Desktop Windows 10.  I highly recommend her.  She told me to avoid paying for house calls, I can get ahold of Geek Squad who could help me over the phone; however, I have an important appt. across town in ten minutes.  The icon (four hooked together boxes on the far left is gone plus the envelope icon since she was here.  I have paid for tech service already through Best Buy.  I hope that when I get home from two appts. today, this problem will be fixed.  I have an important paper coming thru email that I have to have to send back my Dr. Comfort diabetic shoes which are much to large and since I have two other pair just like it, I want a total refund but I need that paper which was sent to me by email by a rep. from the Dr. Comfort Company.  Also, I wish to send a couple of emails to friends.  Thank you for this effort.  I'll check back and see if I can get my email this p. m.  Sincerely, Suzanne L. Richings

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