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  Asked by Anonymous - Twitter Profile Photo Size Before Uploading :
What dimensions should I make my twitter profile photo before I upload it?  Also what size dimension for the twitter background photo image also (the large image that scales across the top of the screen).  Thanks

Anonymous Says:
You can actually adjust and move it around before saving so dont be to concerned about it being perfect photo size.  For the background photo that stretches across the top of your profile, I would make it 1500 x 500, and I would make your small profile picture 500 x 500 but that really wont matter much either.

You will see once you upload the picture twitter then has a scrollbar to zoom it or move it around so that you can choose a section of the photo for displaying.

Mark Says:
Can I change my twitter handle name after I have already signed up?  I hate to delete my account and start over again.

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