Where Can I Fly Drone In Florida?


  Asked by Anonymous - Where Can I Fly Drone In Florida? :
I'm looking for a good place to take photos or fly a drone in Florida but alot of places have airports.  Where are the best places to fly the drone?

Anonymous Says:
Thats kind of an open question :)   You are right, dont go anywhere near an airport and dont go over people or vehicles, always use the rule that you will assume the drone will "fall out of the sky".  So you are responsible 100% for any damage or accidents that happen. Imagine it landing on someone's head from 200 feet up   You are responsible for it.

This website shows where you can NOT fly your drone.  Go there and look around and pick any area that is not showing as restricted here.


Anonymous Says:
Florida has alot of places but think remote.  Alot of people in Florida so pick places to fly the drone where people are not commonly hanging out

Anonymous Says:
Big cities are not good places for drone flying.  You need to be in farm country as there are many drone flying locations away from city areas.

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