Dji Drone Wont Take Photos When I Press Controller Button


  Asked by Anonymous - Dji Drone Wont Take Photos When I Press Controller Button :
I have only had the drone for a few days, but when I press the button on the top right of the controller you hear the sound like a photo was taken, but there is no photo saved on the drone.  The video works fine, just cant take pictures, which of course is one of the main things I got this drone for!

Anonymous Says:
Another thing I forgot to mention, I'm sure it worked at first because I had some photos I took off of it initially, like I said video saves fine on it but it never saves any photos.  This is a dji mavic pro by the way

Joe Says:
Try taking out the SD card separately and looking at it on the computer.  The photos might be saved there but maybe just a firmware update where the drone isn't showing you the pictures (assuming you are connecting the dji drone to your computer to look for the pictures, at least this will tell you if its a problem with the mavic drone or not or if a software update is needed)

Anonymous Says:
Joe I pulled the SD card out and looked at it separately as you suggested, but still nothing.  The video no problem but cant get a photo to save.  I snapped 4 or 5 photos also, so its not like I just tried pressing the button once and didnt do it right or anything like that.  Thx

Droner Says:
I've read online that others have also had problems with their dji drone when it comes to taking pictures, maybe it was a software update by dji that messed something up?  This is why I'm hesitant to update stuff when its working fine already, it creates a chance for problems to occur.

Joe Says:
Are you recording a video while you try to take the photo?  Just so you know, you cant snap photos while video is recording. You have to stop the video, take the pictures, then start the video again.  

Joe Says:
Not sure what actually happens if you press the photo button on the right of the controller while videoing, I've never tried it :) but I'm guessing it will just seem normal and no photo will save on SD card

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