What Video Format Does Dji Drone Save?


  Asked by Anonymous - What Video Format Does Dji Drone Save? :
What video format does the DJI drone video get saved as when recording?
(is it wmv, mov, video type etc?)

I'm looking at purchasing a quadcopter but maybe it doesn't even matter but whats teh best video type for uploading drone videos to youtube?

Anonymous Says:
You can save the video type as MP4 or MOV.  I think the quality is the same on both, at least I cant tell the difference when I look at drone videos saved on either.

As far as uploading drone videos to youtube either should be fine, or you can always just open either video type in video editor software, then save it in any video format you want, then upload the video to youtube after that no problem.

Anonymous Says:
Most videos I use are mp4 but I like WMV video formats for most stuff because its very compatible with everything.  I use mp4 format on the drone because wmv is not an option.

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