How Do I Report Phishing To Google


  Asked by Anonymous - How Do I Report Phishing To Google :
On my gmail account I was forwarded an email from my sister which looked like the email was originally sent to her from my email address. It looks likes my account has been hacked.  Is there a way I can report this to google or gmail?  What do you do in this situation other then just change your email password?

Jim Says:
You can report any type of phishing or fraud to google since they own gmail, but I personally think its a waste of time.  Here is their contact page
Keep in mind they probably get millions of reports as everytime the smallest thing occurs people report it and most aren't anything they can do anything about anyways.  Even in your case I doubt you were "hacked", there are many ways phishers send emails this way and its not actually that uncommon to make it look like it came from your email.

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