What Kind Of Computer Do I Need For College?


  Asked by Anonymous - What Kind Of Computer Do I Need For College? :
I will be starting college in the fall and I will need a new laptop.  What kind of computer will be good enough to get me through 4 years of college?  

Anonymous Says:
By the way I prefer windows computers only because I'm someone that doesn't know much about Mac computers.  I dont want to use ipad because I need to be able to type so it must be laptop.

Anonymous Says:
College has definitely changed over the years since I was there! :)  I carried alot of books in a backpack, now every has ipads, computers in all dorm rooms, and laptops for typing in class (which would have been sooooooooooo much easier then all the writing I had to do, I remember my writing hand being tired when classed ended lol).

Now some colleges even have classes videod and on youtube so if you miss class you can still watch it, thats awesome especially when weather is bad outside.

Anonymous Says:
Any windows laptop is fine for just typing and internet and stuff like that. The only reason you would need a high powered laptop is if you are gaming and doing stuff like that, but you would probably do that on desktop computer, not laptop.  With a laptop I would just buy an HP or Dell (I prefer HP) and I would get one with 8 Gig RAM .  
Keep in mind 4 Gig is fine, but extra ram is cheap and that gives you more then you need for years ahead and new OS upgrades and stuff like that, so might as well go with 8 gig ram.  I would also then look for the better intel chip, that does matter as it will make it faster, but you have to compare the costs.  

Anonymous Says:
Keep in mind if you bought the cheapest windows OS laptop today I think that would work just fine for what you need for a college classroom laptop.  It may not be the fastest but it would certainly work fine, so I dont think you can go wrong.

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