Asked by buddyhbo - Hacked :
This is not  a question but rather to tell you that someone has hacked into the story of the dog who dragged little girl from a snake. When I went to look at the story the next thing I knew was that the screen changed and a voice came on saying that if I didn't call a number provided that they would prevent my computer from working. Is this from aol?

Anonymous Says:
No that wouldn't be from AOL, the way that works is people take advantage of flaws in the browser/ads to route you to a fake page to try to convince you to call them (where they will then try to get access to your system or try to get you to pay for service if you fall for their scam attempt).

Anonymous Says:
The bottom line is dont fall for fake screen popups saying you have a virus and need to call a number and pay $ money to fix it, those are all scams.  Dont fall for fake phone calls saying they are from microsoft or anyone else saying you need to pay to fix something and definitely dont ever let them download something on to your system.  These are all scams and no legitimate business works that way where out of the blue this random stuff occurs.

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