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  Asked by Anonymous - Xcode - Find Path Where My File Is Stored :
I'm new to using Xcode and also new to using Mac. I'm testing some code I wrote which I'm writing it to a file but I want to know where the file and what is the file path where its stored on my Mac?  
In other words its just a text file so I want to view the actual text file data and see the folder path where this file is being written and read from on the Mac.

How do I find this path location?   Thanks

Anonymous Says:
Not sure if its the easiest way but I'll tell you how I find this:

1) Its a long folder path name so put in an
NSLOG (@"My folder path location is %@", myDir);

2) Go to your desktop so you aren't in xcode, and at the top click Go, then Go To Folder.

3) Click through the folders listed from your Xcode NSLOG display.  

You will find your text file stored there on your Mac and just click to open it whether its a plist file or txt file, etc.  It will be a long path name something like Users - (your name) - library - developer - coresimulator - devices - (long string) - data - containers - data - application - (long string) - documents

Why did Apple make it this way?  Who knows, maybe they want you to spend an extra hour looking for stuff :-)

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