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  Asked by Anonymous - Html How To Change Image Width And Height :
In my HTML what is the easiest way to make the image width and height smaller?  For example I'm using IMG SRC tag but the image is filling my entire webpage, I want that much small but image needs to look good image quality, so I want it smaller but image quality still looking normal using HTML only.

Jim Says:
Thats actually quite simple.

For example if your image width and height is normally 1000 x 500 resolution, then on your IMG SRC tag just add width="500" height="250" etc.  So its a multiple of your original image and the browser will adjust it.

img src="http..........jpg" width="500" height="250"

Anonymous Says:
simple example :)  Thats what I was hoping for, the image does look just as good when I tested it also.

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