Beach Seashell Hunting Tips


  Asked by Anonymous - Beach Seashell Hunting Tips :
Been shell hunting in various locations but what type of beaches would be ecommended for finding best shells?  Going to Florida and will be driving around the state.

Anonymous Says:
You can pretty much pick and choose many different places. I dont think it matters whether its in Florida or whether shell hunting in in states like Texas or California, you can find many areas for this.  The really popular areas you may have problems with parking or problems with lots of other people also picking up shells.  The beaches that have far fewer shells I seem to have more success with because there are alot less shell hunters in those areas.  It really depends with what you want.

Anonymous Says:
You can find fossilized sharks teeth when shell hunting on beaches also, thats another popular hobby, look for both.  Whats the worst that can happen is you dont find them but get a good mile or two walk in for exercise.

Anonymous Says:
When you search for sharks tooth though you have to really walk slow and look much closer, otherwise you wont see them, unlike picking up shells.

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