What does plumber charge to fix leaking bathtub faucet?


  Asked by Anonymous - What does plumber charge to fix leaking bathtub faucet?:
Any idea how much a plumber should charge for a dripping faucet?  This is the faucet in my bathtub / shower which has been leaking for the past couple weeks.  I'm sure it will get worse so I'm just wondering about what the cost would be for a plumber to do it.

Anonymous Says:
This is pretty easy if you want to change it yourself, if you have a single turning knob which twists left to turn shower on, then you shut water off to your house, pop the cap off, and unscrew it to access the rubber washers inside.  Lots of details online show you how to change these if you want to fix it yourself.

Anonymous Says:
I just had mine done (2019) and the plumber charged me $370.  I thought that was really expensive and I think I would just try to do it myself next time.  Many videos on youtube show you how to do this so that cost seemed substantially high to me for something that was fairly standard to fix.

Anonymous Says:
Where you live would certainly matter.  Small towns I'm sure are cheaper where big cities would charge more.  In big cities they might be driving 30 miles just to get there, so time and gas and competition all matters

Anonymous Says:
$370 for a plumber that??? It probably took them only 45 minutes to fix that, I would pay it since they are there then I would never call that plumber again.  I would try a different plumber next time, no reason not to as the one you used is already charging you alot.

Anonymous Says:
Here is another thing.  When you try to find a plumber, never call the ones that are on the first 2 pages of the search engine results.  This is what EVERYONE does and those are the plumbers that are really busy and probably charge more.  I would go 4 pages deep in the search engine and pick some plumbers that are down further.  It helps support the others and you probably get a better deal.

Anonymous Says:
I would have just call roto rooter for plumbing like this as they charged me $220 for the last job and took them around an hour, thats far cheaper then what you paid calling a plumber.  Roto rooter is also 7 days a week and will come out and give you an estimate.

Anonymous Says:
80% of plumber calls are:
1 - Fixing leaks whether leaky faucet, leaking pipe, or leaking bathtub.
2 - Replacing garbage disposals (why even have one? You can have the plumber remove it and just run pipe instead. You shouldnt be throwing food down your drain anyways, thats why #3 is now common)
3 - Clearing out clogged pipes.

Never wash any grease down your drain!  This means grease from frying pan or anything smaller also, always just throw it outside on a rocky area or non grass area, it will break down and degrade naturally. When you wash down drain this cools and hardens and builds over time!  You will eventually have clogged pipes.

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