How big of hole can be fixed with spackle alone?


  Asked by Anonymous - How big of hole can be fixed with spackle alone?:
I have several large holes in my ceiling that was left by a previous tenant, I'm wondering if spackle is strong enough to fix that or whether I need to put a new piece of drywall in to fill the hole?

Anonymous Says:
It really depends how big the hole is.  Are you talking about a drywall hole that is 2 inches or a drywall hole that is 2 feet  ?  :)

Anonymous Says:
Its about 2.5 inches to 3 inches, multiple holes like that.

Anonymous Says:
You can use spackle alone for what you are doing.
What you should do is buy a roll of mess drywall tape (just look anywhere online), get the smallest and cheapest roll because for fixing holes like you are doing a small roll will last forever.  Its a mesh tape with holes in it, so cut the tape about an inch larger and over lap slightly multiple pieces if necessary to cover the hole.  Its not really sticky but doesn't need to be.  Then buy a small tub of joint compound, take a putty knife and cover it good, the tape should not show through.  Let dry for a day and you are good to go.  You can then sand it a bit and paint it to make it match good.

Anonymous Says:
By the way on smaller holes in the drywall you wont need that mesh tape.  For example a 1 inch hole or smaller I would just spread the joint compound over and in it good and let it dry.  If you are up around 2 inches or more then I would use the mesh tape over the hole first.

Anonymous Says:
Dont buy a giant tub of that joint compound or spackle, it will eventually dry out!  Unless you need alot and plan on doing alot of hole patching like its your daily job, then get the smallest little tub of it to save money.  

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