Scam Voicemail Saying They Buy Houses


  Asked by Anonymous - Scam Voicemail Saying They Buy Houses :
What are these voicemails and phone calls I keep getting saying they want to buy my house or they want to know if I'm selling because they are buying houses in my area.  I get these phone calls from different numbers almost daily.  I assume they are scams but what is this?

Anonymous Says:
I wouldnt really call it a scam, but what they are doing it either making cold calls to random people, sending letters in mail, or whatever method in hopes that some are interested in selling.  Since your house isnt on the market, they will try to buy it from you with a low offer, which some may be thinking about selling and it sounds simple to move on, or have no idea what the market value is, and they will try to buy your house cheap and quickly flip it for a nice profit.

So its not really a scam (or I'm sure there are some that are scams, I would never trust ankyone, but this is the common one where they leave voice mails asking if you are interested in selling your home).   They are trying to flip homes for a profit and its easier to lowball house offer with homes that arent really even on the market.

Anonymous Says:
I just dont answer any calls I dont recognize the number on.

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