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  Asked by Anonymous - Aol Phishing Email :
It seems like alot of phishing attemps happen on my aol email account, is there a way to stop these from happening?  It seems to always be different senders sending these fake emails also.

Anonymous Says:
Its not aol email, this also happens alot on gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.  Its not like you can stop it as they just spam millions hoping to get a response.  I think aol gets less phishing because their spam protection seems to be better then others.

Anonymous Says:
You can report these fake phishing emails to aol at

But actually its probably a waste of time, I would just try to mark it spam in your email and dont reply or anything like that.

Also your aol spam filter you can setup emails so that only specific emails can contact you (spam settings) or you can put a list of emails to filter out.  Then setup a separate email that is a garbage email used only for online orders and that type of stuff outside of emailing people you know.

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