Do You Ever Cook Duck For Thanksgiving?


  Asked by Anonymous - Do You Ever Cook Duck For Thanksgiving? :
Do you ever roast or bake duck instead of turkey?  What methods do you use for cooking it?

Anonymous Says:
Big difference between duck and turkey.  First off turkey has alot more meat on it (bigger breast and legs etc, and thats where alot of the meat is located).  I like the neck also and turkey has way bigger neck.

Duck is also all dark meat.  Duck also has a fatty layer under the skin, some people like though because it makes it really greasy and fatty for flavor, so where a turkey the skin bakes crispy, duck it doesnt because it thicker and fatter.  It really just depends what you like or how many plan on eating it.

Anonymous Says:
If you save all that duck skin, throw some in a pan and fry it and it renders down into duck fat grease, then throw some sliced veggies and herbs and spices on it and cook it slowly for a good 20 minutes or more until all veggies fry up softer.  Its really good and the duck fat gives it alot of good flavor.

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