How To Identify If An Arrowhead Is Real?


  Asked by Anonymous - How To Identify If An Arrowhead Is Real? :
Is there any ways I can tell for sure if an arrowhead is authentic and not one of the fake ones you see being sold on the internet?

Anonymous Says:
I wouldn't trust anything that looks perfect and shiny.  The best way is to know who found it or find them yourself, which is kind of fun to get out and search for, it has alot more meaning that way.  

Anything sold thats fake is worth nothing, history is what makes it great, not someone using tools to make one in 5 minutes as if its something special.

Anonymous Says:
Authenticity of an arrowhead is hard to detect, so I would never buy a "one off" arrowhead over the internet or anything like that.  Professionals can identify aging under microscope, but alot of internet stuff is fake so I would avoid that.  Best is if you know someone that found them on farms or if you know someone they were passed down to, then I would buy them because you know their collection is real.  What makes an arrowhead great is its history and age, any made recently i would consider as garbage.  Sometimes if people had entire collections in attic or garbage in a display case, then those are more likely real compared to just one off stuff on the internet made by anyone or made in china, those are just junk.

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