What Are Arrowheads Made Out Of?


  Asked by Anonymous - What Are Arrowheads Made Out Of? :
Do I need to look for certain types of rocks in my area or are there certain types of rocks that arrowheads were made out of and I need to be in those areas to find them?

Anonymous Says:
The best arrowheads were made out of flint or chert, thats because those rocks fracture to a very sharp edge when struck properly.  Especially flint.  Those are also very hard rocks and so they dont weather and erode, so arrowheads from thousands of years ago are still lasting the test of time even if in high water areas.  You can find arrowheads almost everywhere but it takes some work.

Anonymous Says:
There are other arrowheads to like obsidian if you are in volcano areas, and those are like sharp glass.  There have even been quartz type arrowheads, not as sharp and heavier, but they had to use something.  I'm guessing quartz arrowheads probably lasted alot long and wouldnt break, but were probably harder to make and definitely not the sharp edge you get with chert / flint.

Anonymous Says:
Good arrowheads are always a type of chert usually.  You know that type of rock as you can tell the arrowhead has more of an edge, and the rock has a shiny smooth glossy type of feel to it.  Thats an easy way to identify it as a type of chert once washed clean.

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