Get Rid Of Knats In House


  Asked by Anonymous - Get Rid Of Knats In House :
They seem to be coming in whenever the door is opened even briefly, they are constantly buzzing around inside!  How doi I stop knats from getting in?  How annoying.

Anonymous Says:
Get a glass an buy some cheap apple cider vinegar.  Its only a couple bucks and will last a long time, put about an inch or two in the glass, add a couple drops of dish soap.  Set it on counter.  In about 2 days you will see all the knats collecting in it, its a great knat killer!

Anonymous Says:
Wow that works really well, amazing because I had about 50 knats in the glass.  I actually cant believe it because I saw a few buzzing around.  The lesson learned here is that if you are seeing knats buzzing around your house, then seeing a few of them means you have 40 times that in reality.  lol !

Anonymous Says:
Put a piece of duct tape on the side of the glass as its a reminder to never accidently grab that glass of vinegar :-)   Just leave the glass sitting somewhere year around, and empty it every week or so and add a little new vineger in it.  It will eventually evaporate so you have to fill it again, but you only need an inch or two in it.

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