Can I Use Dish Soap To Clean Kitchen Tile Floor?


  Asked by Anonymous - Can I Use Dish Soap To Clean Kitchen Tile Floor? :
I'm wondering what is a good soap for cleaning my tile floor, specifically my kitchen floor. Is dish soap with water mixture a good soap for this?  Has anyone tried using that?

Anonymous Says:
I think as long as you dont have wood flooring, then that works good.  I dont like using harmfull chemicals so I use dish soap for many things.  You only need about a tablesoon mixed with a bucket or pan of water as that will clean really well and not leave harmfull residue on the floor on your feet, etc.  It also cleans tile surprisingly well.

Anonymous Says:
I used a vinegar mixture with water to clean my tile floor once and afterwards the scent seemed to draw in knats.  LOL, dont use that.  I read that a knat trap is a glass of apple cider vinegar sitting on the counter as knats all land right in it.  I actually think vinegar works well for cleaning because it kills bacteria, but it has a strong scent, I think I would stick with dish soap or something else for cleaning a large area like a floor :-)

Anonymous Says:
You would be suprised how well hot water and "no soap" at all cleans it.  Soap is good if you have anything oily of course, like if your kitchen floor has drops of olive oil or hamburger grease splattered, then you need soap.  But water itself cleans it really well especially if you get it wet, leave it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it up as the water breaks everything down.

Anonymous Says:
I wouldnt use vinegar for it even though that known to kill bacteria because I tried vinegar once and after that I seemed to keep getting knats in my house!  That vinegar faintest scent seems to draw knats.  

Now I know why a glass of apple cider vinegar gets rid of knats, they all fly into it and collect in it.

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