How Much Does A Standard Eye Exam Cost?


  Asked by Anonymous - How Much Does A Standard Eye Exam Cost? :
Not getting glasses or prescription, but I mean an eye checkup where they run some standard tests like check eye pressure and do all that type of stuff.  I think I go to an opthamologist doctor to get that done right?

Anonymous Says:
Here is what I just paid for the eye exam from last week.  I went to an opthamologist as you said but I'm guessing an optometrist can also do that?  You might want to call and ask as I dont know if those types of doctors can do that.

My bill shows a charge of $150 for compreshensive eye exam and $40 for refraction routine, whatever that is.  But then the totals come down because of insurance, and out of pocket I paid $10.  The good thing is insurance lowers the cost of this but of course you are paying for that insurance so its not like you dont pay for it.

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