How To Tell If Arrowheads Are Fake


  Asked by Anonymous - How To Tell If Arrowheads Are Fake :
Is there a way to tell if arrowheads bought online are fake or real?  I was considering buying a couple but if they were just made by someone then I have no interest.

Anonymous Says:
If you go to one of those shows where people are showing their arrowhead collections, they have people there that will authentic it under microscope as real or fake.  Even if people try to muddy it up it wont work, you can identify 1000 years of wear and tear that just looks different.  As far as just looking at it some are hard to tell if you arent a pro.

Anonymous Says:
If you are buying at one of those trade shows where people are dressed up like indians and selling indian food, etc, those arrowheads are just recently made (easy to do) and are worthless.  I wouldnt pay $5 for one of those.

Anonymous Says:
History is what makes arrowheads cool and worth money, its easy to make them with todays tools so those types are worth $0

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