Insane Reasons People Click Ads


  Asked by Anonymous - Insane Reasons People Click Ads :
There are a handfull of insane reasons that people click on ads.  Believe it or not the horrifying or shocking type ads people click on often. What are some other reasons people click on ads?

Anonymous Says:
Actually if no one clicks on ads then many things on the internet wouldnt be free today, and that would not be a good thing.

Even if you dont buy anything, clicking on ads still generates traffic and helps keep the internet free.  If no one clicks on them, then more and more sites would be charging for content.

Anonymous Says:
Ok I'm one that has clicked the scary ads.  lol  I just wanted to see what it was.

Anonymous Says:
I click ads that show hot women and little clothing and say stuff like you wont believe what happens next.  :^)

Anonymous Says:
I never click ads.  The other post above is right though, its probably not good if everyone ignore ads because they need some clicks to make it worthwhile to keep free

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