What Do They Charge To Check Central Air A/c Unit Not Working?


  Asked by Anonymous - What Do They Charge To Check Central Air A/c Unit Not Working? :
How much do you think they would charge me if my central air a/c unit is having problems and isnt working and they need to come out and check it?

Anonymous Says:
My guess is the cost will be around $150 to make a visit to check for problems.  They will probably run a test to see if there is a leak, so that has a cost and the trip out of course has a cost.  It might be less then that though if they open your air conditioning unit and see a problem without having to run any extra tests.

That doesn't mean the problem is fixed, that means finding it.  Parts for the air conditioner and fixes for it would be separate typically.  Thats my guess from past experience when I had them check mine.

Anonymous Says:
How old is your a/c unit?  

Anonymous Says:
I've had this a/c for about 9 years or so.  How long does these a/c units even last i'm wondering

Anonymous Says:
It could last as long as 14 or 15 years, I would say a good marker for all this type of stuff is once you get over the 10 year mark, its getting close to the end but it depends on the size and how often its used of course!

Hot water heater, air conditioner and heater, garage door opener, they all seem to go out between 10 to 15 years.

They might actually recommend you just get a new air conditioner if its near the end.  You dont want to spend 4 or 5 hundred now on something that will need to be replaced in 1 or 2 years but it will depend on what the problem really is.

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