How Much Does A 20 Inch Catfish Weigh?


  Asked by Anonymous - How Much Does A 20 Inch Catfish Weigh? :
I caught a 20 inch catfish (channel catfish).
How much do you think that fish wieghed?  I didnt put it on a scale, basically just measured the length.  

I also caught one larger the week earlier, about 25 inch catfish but I didnt measure it, just know it was about 5 inches larger then this one but I'm wondering what the weight would be on these fish?

Anonymous Says:

A 20 inch catfish would weigh around 2.5 to 3 pounds, in that area anyways.  

A good rule of thumb is most fish that are around 30 inches in length would weigh about 10 pounds.  Thats true with walleye, catfish, redfish, etc.  

Unless you get into fish that are skinnier like pike and trout, they would weigh a little less.
Fish that are even wider as they get bigger, like black drum, freshwater drum, largemouth bass and smallmouth bass, carp, etc, they would be even on the heavier side of weight.

But you can figure it out from there, so a channel catfish around 24 inches was probably 5.5 pounds.  

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