Cost To Get A Tire Hole Patched?


  Asked by Anonymous - Cost To Get A Tire Hole Patched? :
How much would it cost me to get a tire patched?  I have a small nail in it, and I'm trying to decide if I should just buy a new tire elsewhere or take it in to get the hole patched?

Anonymous Says:
I can tell you exactly how much this costs because I just had my tire done at good year.  It was $28 total (counting all taxes etc).

It probably depends where you are located also as small towns probably do it cheaper if you live in a small town.  It was pretty quick for them to do this so its not a long wait assuming they get you in right away.  If you have alot of tread left on the tire then I think I would just patch it for sure, if the tire is bald, forget it, just get a new tire and dont waste money patching the old tire.

Joe Says:
Not all tires can be patched so be aware of that.  If the nail is right in the tread on the flat part of the tire then it can be patched.  If its on the side of edge then they wont patch it as its to tough to guarantee it can be sealed tightly and stay that way.

Anonymous Says:
I've now had to get my tire patched TWICE after the roofers in our community left nails everywhere.  Thats not even counting the nail I picked up laying right in my drive way.  Those idiots should have to pay for everyone's tires getting patched as I'm sure it wasnt just me.

Anonymous Says:
Most places will patch a tire for under 30 bucks

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