Will I Have Wifi Access When On Cruise Ship?


  Asked by Anonymous - Will I Have Wifi Access When On Cruise Ship? :
I will be taking a cruise for 5 days (Carnvial cruise ship), and I'm wondering if I will be able to get wifi access when we stop different places or even get wifi while I'm on the cruise ship?  Is the cruise wifi expensive?

Even if I cant get wifi access just having cell tower access now and then is fine also as I want to send text and post on facebook at least a few times while on this cruise.

James Says:
Where is your cruise going?

When I took Carnival Cruise and it stopped in Key West and Bahamas, I used wifi on the ship (yes its expensive to do this) and also had it free in Key West (of course that in the U.S. so many places have it) and for a small price when we stopped in  the Bahamas and I went inland to a bar, I think it was something like $5 for a few hours, so definitely worth it there so I could send imessage and chat with a few people and send some pics).

I forget what I paid for wifi on the ship, but I know it was only for 20 minutes and it was alot, so I quickly used it for a few minutes to grab some emails, and logged off and read the emails offline, so use the minutes wisely.

James Says:

Also, you wont have any cell tower connection at all once out on the ocean.  You will have it for about a half hour getting started though while you are still in the U.S. or a short ways in the ocean, so wifi on the ship is your only option when out at sea.  I think I would just wait until you port somewhere to get wifi (much cheaper option, or even some places might have it free like McDonalds or coffee shops etc), otherwise paying $5 for some use is well worth it rather then paying for wifi on ship.

Anonymous Says:
Some cruise ships now do deals where you use their own app for a decent price and your group you are with can communicate with each other on the ship, etc.

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