Swelling by ear lobe when eating

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Swelling in front of ear lobe after eating

Guest Says:
To the poster that said when their jaw was swollen they pushed on it and liquid rushed out in their mouth and they could taste a bitter taste from it ..... I think you did the right thing when you said you washed your mouth out. :-)
I would be carefull pushing on it because it will already be sore from swelling and pushing hard may actually irritate it more, I would lightly milk it with the heat pad like the earlier post said. The ENT Doctor told me to hold the heat pad on it after eating / swelling and apply very light pressure, but it probably varies I guess because my jaw area felt really sore from that.  

You also may not have been dehydrated, it could have been a stone in there blocking it and was near the end, and it free'd when you were putting pressure on that.

Guest Says:
thank you for starting this thread and sharing information. You have saved many from panicking and hospital trip. I had swollen jaw after dinner 2 nights ago and was freaked out. After reading your detailed information, I followed your suggestions to warm compress, drink plenty water, and eat sour candies.  I did all these non stop for 2 hrs. I also took ibuprofens. My swollen jaw was gradually reduced and today I can eat normally. There is still little swollen near my ear, but doesnt get big when im eating. I still drink a lot of water and compress it to make the bump totally gone.

Im sure the cause for my case was dehydration. I was complaining why i felt thristy all the time just the morning before this happenned. Now if anyone can help with my question : are we prone to this saliva gland condition once we got it?

Guest Says:
The previous poster asked:
Now if anyone can help with my question : are we prone to this saliva gland condition once we got it?

My guess is I dont think so. When I had this almost 10 years ago, its never come back since. I could see where if a stone caused the gland to plug, maybe someone is susceptible to getting stones or something like that. The one thing I do different today (as I posted above) is I always start every morning with 2-4 big gulps of water on an empty stomach, my guess is its probably 8 ounces or so that I drink, so its not like its a big deal to do this. I want to make sure I'm not dehydrated starting my day. I drink a few cups of coffee every morning, but I always start my day with just some water.

Guest Says:

Guest Says:
My jaw swelled up big suddenly right when I started eating dinner. It wasnt like there was any lead up to it, it was fine before that then all of a sudden is swelled up huge! I'm happy to see this is a common thing and not so unusual.  Thank you to all for posting stuff like this, sometimes reading to much stuff on the internet just makes you panic more, but also everyone sharing your situations and what worked or didnt work can really help others!

GuestMJS Says:
Left side by jaw bone swollen...if I put any ...any food in my mouth the pain is horrible for a few seconds...I am drinking water 32 ozs so far and applying the heating pad on off every 10 minutes.   The thought of lemon drops is giving me chills when I think of what the pain will be.  

Guest Says:
Previous poster:  If you have alot of pain there already in the jaw then I wouldnt make it worse, dont over do it. I would just rest a heat pad on it without any pressure on it, just lightly.  I think that may help without making it worse.

Guest Says:
People automatically assume this is lymph nodes swelling. There is actually glands there for saliva, dont assume its lymph nodes. Its amazing how many others I talked to now where the same thing has happened to them in the past.

Lesley Says:
What a great blog - thanks to all. Ive had rare incidences of this over about four years but the last three days after each meal. Had very recently had dental work and no sign of infection so thought it likely to be salivary gland. Went to doctor this morning, just in case, and she confirmed the diagnosis. Recommended an ultrasound but I said Id do the practices recommended here and go back if problem persists. She was fine with that. Thanks everyone - it is really a great relief to find this quite common.

Guest Says:
Not sure when this post started but i'm glad I found you. Two bites into toast the other morning and I felt a "buzzing" odd feeling in my right jaw joint, I thought what the heck is that?? Immediate reaction was to put my hand to my face and to my shock I was swollen like a half a baseball .. terrified I went and looked in the mirror WHAT??! Jaw in front and below ear, no pain just this weird swelling. Ice pack for 20 minutes and it mostly went down and I went off to work. No pain and no recurrence throughout the day.  I did some research and found this post.  I also have an autoimmune disease(s) and now believe this whole parotid swelling is another type, sjogrens syndrome. I will speak to my rheumatologist and let you know what he thinks. thanks

Guest Says:
This is good info, I think it would also be beneficial if people posted their age. It would be interesting to see if this starts occurring around the same ages or not. Sharing info like this on the net is great especially when it comes to medical problems and solutions, it great seeing what worked or didnt work amongst a large group! Thx

Guest Says:
This happens to me now and then and all of a sudden too. Not gradually. First time I kept pushing on it because it was weird and so swollen is was like having mumps on one side. I went to doctor and she's the first to tell me to eat a 'Lemonhead' or something sour to get any stone out if there are any.  But she told me to quit pushing on it. Eventually it went away.  Had it happen again and to me, it was quite severe so went back to doctor, she ordered a CT scan - they couldn't get me in for a couple of days. By the time they did one the swelling was gone and the radiology people looked at me like I was making it up.  I had it another time and didn't worry about it and again gone.  Today is started again - all of a sudden.  Eating pasta and beans and it felt like I was eating 'sweettarts' or the like. It's really swollen and painful right now and decided to look it up the symptoms myself and here all of you are with all similar stories.  Thank you for helping me feel like I'm NOT the only one!

Mj Says:
I have also experiencing like this, it only appears when eating or chewing food. What thas it means? Its very weird and feeling scared. And only one side is affected, preferably in left side under the jaw. What can i do to solve this problem?

Mj Says:
Why is that lymph node from left side under ur jaw is appearing only when eating or chewing food? What thas it means?

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