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  Asked by Anonymous - Itunesconnect get free app promo code:
In itunes connect I cant find the promo code section where you generate free promo codes to download free app.  Did they move the location within itunesconnect to elsewhere?

Anonymous Says:
To create your free promo code just sign on to itunesconnect and go into your app, then choose the features section, then you will see the promo code section.  Enter a number for how many you want to generate.

Anonymous Says:
It took me forever to figure out where the promo code was in the PDF document that gets sent via email.  To recover your free promo code you dont need to download the PDF from email and dont waste your time searching through this.  In your itunesconnect just look for the link on the far right that says "view code".  You wont find it in the PDF, its there on your screen!

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