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  Asked by Anonymous - Copy Pictures From Pc To Iphone :
How do I copy pictures from my PC To the iphone?  I have only a handfull of images to copy, around 11 so its not a big number.  I dont want to use apps, just copy them over on to the iphone

Anonymous Says:
Here are some screenshots showing the steps if you use a windows PC / computer, and do not want to use cloud and do not want to use apps, just open itunes, connect your iphone to the PC, then do as shown.  Note that different versions of itunes may appear differently but it will be similiar.

First click the iphone so your iphone displays in itunes.

Next choose "photos".  Note that you are choosing photos on the iphone, not any folder on computer yet.

Now on the right in itunes, check the box to "sync" which means "sync photos from PC to iphone".  Click the box to select where your photos will be synced from.  You can create an empty folder on your PC and put all photos in that one folder, as it will sync those to your iphone.  Then just click sync in bottom right once you have chosen that folder.  

This does not affect your current photo album on iphone, it only replaces the section named "from my mac", which in this case its not mac its a windows computer.  Pretty simple.

I myself wished I could just use windows explorer to drag and drop back and forth.  You can easily copy photos from iphone to PC (that direction only) with windows explorer, but when you copy from PC to iphone you need to do as I listed above.

You can just use icloud of course, or if you have a mac you can use icloud or air drop back and forth to iphone.

Anonymous Says:
I was thrown off by where is the pictures folder stored on computer.  lol  the box chosen that says "iphone" is actually a folder named iphone, you have to select whatever folder :)   I should have just read it instead of scanning the picture screenshots only and the word iphone threw me off but its actually the folder chosen  lol

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